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Israeli Annual of Psychoanalysis


Moshe Halevi Spero
Postgraduate Program of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
School of Social Work, Bar-Ilan University


MA‘ARAG: The Israel Annual of Psychoanalysis is a democratic forum for psychoanalytic research, practice, and criticism published through the initiative and cooperation of the Sigmund Freud Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis of the Hebrew University and the Israeli Association for Self Psychology and the Study of Subjectivity, the Israel Society for Analytical Psychology, the Israel Psychoanalytic Society, the Israel Institute for Group Analysis, the Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology, and the Tel-Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Editorial Board

Gaby Shefler (Chairman)
Avi Bauman, Miriam Berger, Yecheskel Cohen, Eldad Iddan, Gabriela Mann, Eli Weisstub, Michal Guberman