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Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane


Pier Francesco Galli, M.D., Marianna Bolko, M.D., and Paolo Migone, M.D.


Paolo Migone, M.D.
Via Palestro, 14
43123 Parma PR, Italy
Tel. +(39) 0521-960595
E-Mail <>


Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane [“Psychotherapy, Humanities, and Social Sciences”] is an Italian interdisciplinary quarterly journal founded in 1967 by Pier Francesco Galli, M.D., of the “Milan Group for the Advancement of Psychotherapy” (later this Group took the name of Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane). It is one of the most widely circulated journals of the field in Italy, and was always published without interruption. Its main areas of interest are theory of psychoanalytic technique, history of ideas in psychotherapy, training of mental health professionals, interface between psychotherapy and other disciplines such as philosophy, anthropology, sociology, etc. It is totally independent, non connected to any association or institution, never receives external financial support and, by principle, never publishes advertisements (it is supported solely by subscriptions and sales in bookstores). Besides regular articles, it has the following sections: “Traces”, “Debates”, “Classics“, “Clinical cases”, “Book reviews”, and “Journals”. More detailed information on the journal are available at the web site

Editorial Board members

Advisory board:
Valeria P. Babini (Bologna), Gaetano Benedetti (Basel), Alberto Burgio (Bologna), Morris N. Eagle (Los Angeles), Lawrence Friedman (New York), John E. Gedo (Chicago), Pedro Grosz (Zurich), Robert R. Holt (Truro, MA), Emilio Modena (Zurich), Tito Perlini (Trieste), Johannes Reichmayr (Vienna), Berthold Rothschild (Zurich), Thomas von Salis (Zurich), Tullio Seppilli (Perugia), Howard Shevrin (Ann Arbor), Frank J. Sulloway (Berkeley), Helmuth Thomä (Ulm), Judith Valk (Zurich), Paul L. Wachtel (New York), Jerome C. Wakefield (New York), Drew Westen (Atlanta), Peter H. Wolff (Boston)

Past members of the editorial board:
Alessandro Ancona (Bologna), Tullio Aymone (Modena), Arno von Blarer (Zürich), Enzo Codignola (Genoa), Johannes Cremerius (Friburg), Merton M. Gill (Chicago), Klaus Horn (Frankfurt), Eustachio Loperfido (Bologna), Giambattista Muraro (Milan), Berta Neumann (Milan), Paul Parin (Zürich), Michele Ranchetti (Florence), Paul Roazen (Boston), Joseph Weiss (San Francisco)

Submission guidelines

Each submitted article is reviewed in double blind by at least 3-4 referees (at times 8-9 and more). Instructions for authors are described in detail at the web page, and Instructions for referees are at the web page

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