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The Candidate


Michael Garfinkle, PhD
817 Broadway, Ninth Floor
NY, NY 10003
917 209 7747

Donald Moss, M.D.
80 University Place, 5th Floor
NY, NY 10003
212 206 0344


The Candidate seeks to engage candidates, early in the development of their careers as analysts, in the written exchange of ideas among psychoanalysts. The journal welcomes submissions from candidates in training at any psychoanalytic institute, regardless of affiliation or theoretical orientation. Our goal is to enrich candidates’ current training by representing the diversity of theoretical perspectives in the field.

In addition to candidate submissions, The Candidate welcomes non-candidate submissions that address issues of particular interest to candidates, such as training issues and education. The journal will accommodate a variety of written formats: research and clinical papers, interviews of clinicians, reviews of articles, books and films. The Candidate seeks both to give voice to the newest generation of psychoanalysts and to cultivate an expanded, intelligent dialogue in an evolving psychoanalytic community.

Content of The Candidate will be edited and determined by The Candidate Journal Editorial Board, which includes candidates and analysts from New York City and other parts of the country. The Candidate Journal seeks to engage many different institutes and traditions in an attempt to diversify and fortify both content and the editorial atmosphere in which such content is developed. To that end, Editors will rotate annually.
3) Listing of names of the Editor and Editorial Board members:

Submission guidelines

Scholarly papers of any length are accepted that fall within the content area of the special focus of each issue

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